MoneyWeek: Scandal at Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s shares tumbled by around a third following revelations by the US Environmental Protection Agency that the German car giant cheated on emissions tests in America. The company’s diesel cars had been fitted with software designed to allow car engines to release fewer smog-causing pollutants during the tests, compared to when cars were driven under normal conditions. As a result, the world’s largest carmaker could … Continue reading MoneyWeek: Scandal at Volkswagen

MoneyWeek: Britain snuggles up to China

British Chancellor George Osborne is on a five-day trade mission to China, in the hope of turning the UK into China’s second-biggest trading partner by 2025. The US is currently the biggest, followed by Germany. UK exports to China have grown fivefold since 2003, and China is now the sixth-biggest market for UK goods and services, but Osborne said Britain must “raise its game” to … Continue reading MoneyWeek: Britain snuggles up to China

Times Literary Supplement: Where there is no why

Like the tales told to Dante by the souls he meets in The Divine Comedy, literature provides us with mirrors to discover our own secret features, Alberto Manguel argues. The quest to figure out who we are and what we are here for, explains our delight in the tales of others. In this search for self-knowledge, literature does not provide all the answers, “but rather … Continue reading Times Literary Supplement: Where there is no why