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The Economist’s 1843: The malleability of our minds

A new show about consciousness takes a terrifying look at how scientists, philosophers and artists deal with “the hard problem” In the 17th century, Descartes famously argued that the body and mind are two different things. Philosophers have been discussing the difference ever since, and this “mind-body problem” is far from solved. Today, science is still struggling to explain how our soggy grey brains give rise to the … Continue reading The Economist’s 1843: The malleability of our minds

Money Observer: On gold

In Greek mythology, King Midas famously craved the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. At first he was delighted to turn a twig into gold, but once he realised his family and even his food would turn into the metal too, he understood that gold should never be the first priority. Many financial experts recommend buying gold as a hedge against falls in … Continue reading Money Observer: On gold