Marina Gerner is probably nose-deep in a book (or a social media rabbit hole) right now, but she welcomes you. You’re looking sharp today!

Here you can find out all about her life. The professional kind. Marina is an award-winning journalist and culture critic based in London. She was born in the Soviet Union, and grew up in Germany and the UK.

A child of two artists, she spend most of her childhood frolicking in exhibitions and galleries, where she was often called upon to write the descriptions of paintings. This early training proved critical as she now writes about literature and the arts, and also covers economics and investment. Her range of expertise has led to Marina being called “a Renaissance woman of the modern age” by The Guardian a friend.

Her articles have been published in the Economist’s 1843, Financial Times, Times Literary Supplement, MoneyWeek, Jewish Chronicle, the Guardian and Standpoint Magazine in the UK, First Things Magazine and the New York Observer in the US and die Bild and Frankfurter Rundschau in Germany. She has been a guest speaker on the BBC World Service.

Currently, she is a Feature Writer and the Markets Editor at MoneyWeek. Previously, she was a Staff Writer at Money Observer, where she had a column called “Marina’s Monetary Musings.”


Like all good hacks, she has a few awards to her name. In 2018, she won the h100 Young Critic of the Year Award for her “witty and incisive” review of Russian revolution art. In 2016, she won the National Financial Journalist Newcomer of the Year Santander Media Award “with glowing praise from the judges who liked her critical edge, hands on advice and depth of research”. She was shortlisted for a British Journalism Award, Headline Money Award and two Unbiased Media Awards.

In 2015, she completed her PhD at the London School of Economics, where she taught Masters students and gave lectures on the MSc Global Media and International Journalism Summer School. In 2014, she was invited to be a visiting scholar at Columbia University’s sociology department in New York.

You can get in touch with commissions, comments or questions under “contact” or on Twitter: @MarinaSGerner

She is represented by Jonathan Conway Literary Agency.





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